Our Mission: To Educate and Train the Future Stewards of Puget Sound

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Discover Puget Sound

Puget Sound is the 2nd largest estuary in the United States and way more productive than the largest estuary. Puget Sound is home to the world’s largest Octopus, Sea Star, Barnacle, Chiton, and Sea Anemone species – and it’s right next door!


Learn Marine Science

Join the ranks of over 100,000 Pacific Northwest students who have learned to love and appreciate Puget Sound on our 5 1/2 hour hands-on scientific expedition – Marine Science Afloat(TM). Haul in the plankton nets! Spy into the invisible watery world in the microscope lab! Meet your slimy and squishy underwater neighbors! And most importantly – Learn how your daily actions can help protect this magnificent, but delicate ecosystem that we all share.

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The Live Dive

Follow along with our team of scientific divers as they explore the depths beneath the boat and introduce us to the animals below with our LIVE underwater video system.